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28th November, 2022

TV Reception Issues Solved by Mr. Antenna Hero in Klemzig

It could be stressful to deal with TV reception issues repeatedly. As simple as TV reception issues may be, some are just very annoying and tiring to think about. It is of paramount importance to hire professional antenna technicians who know how to do the job right in just a single attempt. This saves not just money but also time and effort.

Not very long, our team was hired to fix reception issues at a residence in Klemzig. According to the customer, the channels keep getting on and off from time to time and she just couldn’t take it any longer. Her husband had to climb up the roof to twist and turn the antenna because surprisingly, the magic works! However, she knew that they can’t keep doing this and they needed a permanent fix. This was when she decided to surf the web and start looking for antenna technicians in Klemzig.

James, one of our local antenna specialists in Klemzig, went to get rid of the customer’s issues once and for all. Just a bit of a story, the family has been living in Klemzig for many years now. According to Jane, the house owner, it was their parents’ home that was passed down to them. It has been such a nice, well-maintained property in Klemzig for several years. We have to commend how amazing it still looks, though! Can even match new builds, to be honest! Given how long the TV antenna has been standing up on the roof, it was evident why it was already losing its touch. Time is of the essence, but it also is age’s foe. The antenna might still be functioning, but there was a huge reason why it had to be replaced.

James got down to business and started doing his magic. To start with, James removed the old antenna and masthead amplifier. This duo has been working very hard since then so it was understandable why they needed a good rest this time. It was time for a replacement that would serve better for a lot of years. James installed one of our best-selling antennas, the MA612V-5 Australian-made antenna on an existing tin roof mount and connected it to a new four-way splitter. There were two TVs at work so this will ensure balance in the signal distribution among the TV outlets. After turning the TV and testing the outlets, all signals passed and the TV images were almost as good as new. It was yet again another happy customer.

The customer was glad and said what she searched on the internet was true—that we are fast, reliable and professional. Seriously, that made our day so much better. Our main goal is to make our customers happy with the results of the work we do. Need a new TV antenna in Klemzig or another area in South Australia? Our team of amazing heroes are always on the go to help. Choose from our wide range of antennas and our professional antenna guys will install your liking for you. Call us on 13 11 49 today to schedule an appointment!

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