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30th December, 2022

TV Wall-mounting job for a Lovely Home in Colyton

Home is where the heart is. For a lot of people, happiness comes in different forms—even the simplest things could be a source of bliss. Regardless of how big or small something is, as long as it makes us happy and contented, we are all free to enjoy it. One of the biggest forms of happiness is being able to buy a new home. This is such a huge milestone for everyone. Getting a new home also means having to design its interior or exterior in any way we like it. Adding even just a sliver of entertainment to our home has always been part of what makes it whole. For most of us, watching television is a big part of our relaxation. Take this customer’s experience in Colyton:

Mr Antenna was called to a TV wall-mounting job in Colyton a few days ago. The customer had just finished renovating their living room and wanted to complete the set-up by adding a modern and minimalist effect to the TV. For TV wall-mounting jobs, it is a customer’s discretion as to whether they’d like the cables to be hidden or not. Since the customer wanted to achieve a less space-consuming arrangement, it was a good call to hide the cables for a cleaner look.

Daniel, one of Mr Antenna’s local TV antenna guys in Colyton, did the TV wall-mounting job for the customer. Given that the customer was very keen on the details, Daniel was also very particular about the procedures of the TV wall-mounting job. From plotting accurate measurements to drilling holes in the plaster wall, he carefully did all the steps to ensure the best results possible. A lot of you may ask if TV wall-mounting height matters. Simply put, it surely does.

Now, how high should a TV be mounted on the wall? There are a few important things you might want to take into account.

Does the size of my flat screen matter?

Size tops the list of the things you have to consider when wall-mounting your flat screen.
This will help you determine the accurate viewing distance and wall-mounting height.

How far should I sit from my TV?

Depending on the size of the TV, consider this quick formula when getting the perfect viewing distance from the flat screen to your couch.
Size of the tv (inch) x 1.67
Ex. 42” x 1.67 = 70 (viewing distance)

What is a reclining angle?

This will also help you determine the perfect wall-mounting height for your TV. The more your body reclines, the higher you should wall-mount your TV. In this case, you should wall-mount your TV with a viewing angle lesser than 30 degrees.

How high should I wall-mount my TV?

First, measure the distance of your eye level from the floor when sitting. Then we recommend you keep the centre of your TV at eye level. As a general rule, a 42” TV is advised to be wall-mounted 56 inches from the floor to its centre, 65 inches floor to centre for a 65” TV, and 67 inches floor to centre for a 70” TV.

Daniel wall-mounted the customer’s TV around 65 inches from the floor to the centre given that it was a 65” TV. Other than the comfort this will provide to the viewers; this will also put the television in a safe placement given its size. Remember that how it looks is an absolute goal but its safety is of utmost importance. Note that in wall-mounting huge TVs, it is recommended to let professionals do the installation as they have the proper training, knowledge, and equipment to complete the task safely and securely.

Mr Antenna has been an expert in TV wall-mounting services for many years and guarantees 100% that all its technicians are properly trained and equipped with the right tools and knowledge. The good news is we have technicians all over New South Wales ready to service your area!

Do you still think twice about wall-mounting your TV? Now, my friend is the perfect time to switch to a better look for your home! Call us on 131149 today and see the difference we make!

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