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30th November, 2022

Uninvited Tree Branch Caused TV Reception Issue in Winston Hills

Nature surprises us in many, many ways! Some are amazing and some can be terrifying. Believe it or not, nature has its way of letting us know its greatness. Our techs deal with various antenna installations, repairs, and other antenna and tv stuff daily. Thus for them, simply arriving at the area, doing their job, and leaving is the standard process.

However, for one of our techs, there was this one unusual day at work. To give a little background, this customer of ours in Winston Hills gave our customer care team a call because she was facing a major TV reception issue. She said that in the years she had been living in the area, never she had any issues with her TV at all. This was the first time she experienced it and since they wouldn’t want to miss watching her favourite tv shows, she decided to look for TV antenna experts nearby.

We heard the customer and so it was our duty to help her. Craig, one of our best antenna guys in Winston Hills, travelled to help the customer and check what was going on. When he arrived, he quickly went up to the roof for a quick inspection. Bird poo, broken masts, and rusting antennae are the most common sights our techs usually see. But this one? The culprit was a branch that grew and almost intertwined with the antenna! Given that the customer’s home was situated under trees, this was a little inevitable. The tree was poking the antenna like “Hey, mate what’s up? You good?” Even trees find time to check on their friends, and so have you. A coffee date sounds nice.

Before we drift away somewhere and get lost in the thought of coffee, let’s have a look at how Craig resolved the customer’s TV reception issue! It was true that the tree contributed to the problem but the other major dilemma was that the antenna was already old and outdated. He suggested replacing it with a better one. The customer agreed and let Craig proceed.

Among the selection of antennas we offer, Craig recommended installing a new, digital VHF antenna for the customer. It was the perfect antenna as it will pick up the best signals without interference. Craig then advised moving the antenna to a different spot that was somehow far from the tree. Craig placed the new antenna about 2 meters across the roof. This was necessary as, over the years, the same tendency will occur if it remains in its original location.

After successfully installing the antenna, Craig took out his field strength meter to check the signal ratings. It was not surprising to see the amazing power readings of 65 to 70 and signal ratings of 33 to 35 on all channels. Craig also retuned the TV to get updated channels for the customer. All in all, it was a successful installation and the customer was very happy with the outcome. She said she has friends who were experiencing reception issues as well so she said she will recommend us. That was such a beautiful means to start our day! Craig said goodbye to the customer and went on to another job for that day.

Many, different and sometimes, weird factors, cause antenna issues. Some can be surprising and unexpected but after all, it all comes down to one thing: to be able to resolve all these troubles. Regardless of what causes the TV reception issues you have, our team of professional antenna specialists has a solution to offer. Talk to us now and we’ll help you out! Our customer care team are always just a call away to help address your concern. We have several professional antenna specialists in Winston Hills and almost every part of the country so give us a buzz today and we’ll check who’s near you! Dial 131149 today!

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