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23rd November, 2022

Customer in Woolshed Gets Starlink for Faster Internet

Every day, more and more people start levelling up their internet games whether in business or at home. To those who particularly rely on the internet for their jobs, it is of paramount importance to have a speedy and reliable internet connection. Who wants backlogs because of a snail-like connection? We bet nobody. We’re already dealing with a lot of stress so why add more?

The need for strong internet connectivity opened a lot of doors to internet providers across the globe. These companies have just been more and more competitive in terms of elevating their services. They make a lot of promises to secure a stable client base. Truth is, it’s hard to choose which one to trust but as a golden rule, always go to which among these providers deliver. Better safe than sorry!

One of the most promising internet providers in Australia nowadays is Starlink. Since the day Musk rolled out these bad boys in Australia, the number of people switching to his domain has increased drastically. It had also become one of the services we offer here at Mr Antenna.

Just recently, our team received a call from a customer in Woolshed. He was asking if we can install a Starlink satellite dish as she recently got a new job and it was a work-at-home setup. Hooray for the new job and journey! We informed her that we’ll install her newly-bought Starlink satellite dish the next morning. She was ecstatic and said she was in a tad of a rush as she is set to start work the following week.

The next day came and Jeff, one of our Starlink installers in Woolshed, went to set up the satellite dish for the customer. The process was as meticulous as it has always been. Yet, Jeff was able to wrap it up and finish on the same day. He started off by doing a perimeter check and by also prepping up the cables that connect the dish to the internet router. Jeff wrapped up the whole thing within a few hours of setting up. Then he tested out how the internet speed fared. Should we still be surprised if the figures actually skyrocketed? Surely can!

The customer was totally impressed with the results and has just become more excited to begin her new career. Claiming that all her worries have now gone away, she said she is now more confident about working from home. She doesn’t need to worry about internet interruptions and work delays as she got Starlink as her newfound buddy. She thanked us countless times for a smooth and professional installation.

Not in the mood anymore to stick with a bad internet connection? We got ya, mate! For Starlink satellite dish installations in Queensland call us today and let’s discuss an appointment with one of our professional technicians! Give us a ring on 131149 and let’s get down to business!

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