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Digital TV Antenna Installation

5th April, 2021

Digital TV Antenna Installation St Albans

Our Melbourne West Mr Antenna technician was called out for a TV Antenna installation in St Albans for a customer who was having difficulty receiving a consistent digital tv signal.

Upon testing it was clear the digital tv signal wasn’t very good to start with. After digital tv signal losses through cable loss, and the 3-way Matchmaster splitter the signal had no hope of being consistent. Therefore giving the customer frequent no signal alerts on the tv or weak or no signal; even the dreaded pixelation during program viewing on Channels seven 7, SBS, WIN 9, ten 10 and ABC.

Straight away, we field-strength tested the TV Antenna on the roof. The Mount Dandenong transmitters provide a more reliable VHF digital transmission.

We installed one of our premium Matchmaster digital VHF antennas on a tin roof mount with the location determined. These specially designed roof mounts allow for mounting with ease; strong enough to cater to our range of digital UHF/VHF Matchmaster antennas.

By doing this, we dramatically increased the digital tv signal strength and quality. Our technician then lowered a new coax cable into the roof cavity; we fitted it off with an f connector and terminated to the new digital 3-way splitter.

Now that we have established a strong reliable digital tv signal, our customers can now enjoy an uninterrupted pixelation-free night of quality TV viewing.

We always feel amazing after a successful digital TV antenna installation. This because we are able to provide our customers with a good future experience.

Have a look at the pictures below of our signal testing equipment which analyses the TV signal strength quality.

We always use these signal testers when our services are required. The first step we undertake is carrying out an inspection that utilises these testers that provide knowledge.

Digital TV Antenna Installation

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