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Expert installation of Blue boom antenna on metal roof

31st December, 2022

Lovely Home in Henley Beach Needs a New Antenna

Having a new home is both exciting and nerve-wracking. This is where a new adventure begins but also makes us a little anxious. We always worry a bit too much about what we can do to make it perfect, safe, and peaceful. Tell you what, this is perfectly normal! Adding stuff for home improvement is one of the things a new homeowner has in mind. And so, it’s pretty standard to have one of the basics—having a new TV setup! We get countless calls every day from customers who need a new TV antenna for their lovely homes.

Henley Beach is a beautiful suburb in Adelaide which is known for its lovely beaches and lively food scene. Tourists and locals gather on the beaches now and then to enjoy the vibes and relax after a tiring week of non-stop work. Two days earlier, Mr Antenna was called to help a customer in Henley Beach who needed a new antenna for a new home.

Tony, our resident antenna specialist in the area, went to help the customer out. It was a single-storey, new build house in Henley Beach which requires antenna installation. It sounds normal at first but there was a twist in the installation. The construction of the huge two-storey house next door made this job a little tricky. This blocked the reception path from the Mt. Lofty transmission towers. Tony was up for the challenge to put his skills and expertise to the test.

First up, Tony needed to ascertain the best reception location on the roof for the TV antenna. Upon his inspection of the perimeter, it ended up being towards the front of the house. This usually is not the best preference from an aesthetic point of view but he had very limited choice. He consulted this with the customer and his being cool with it was such a huge relief. The optimum antenna location provides the best possible received signal and the least obstruction from the pesky house construction next door.

Secondly, Tony made sure that the antenna selection has some signal gain to spare as since the house next door is still under construction. After it is completed, the final antenna reception figure may be down a little bit compared to the measurement taken initially. Tony showed the customer the various selection of TV antennas we offer. After informing the customer of the pros and cons of each antenna, the customer settled on a higher gain antenna rather than what people normally require for this suburb. This will give the extra signal leeway required for good TV reception.

After settling the antenna selection and getting the hard bit out of the way, Tony was confident that he got the best antenna installation planned for the customer; so the installation proceeds as standard. The roof was colorbond construction with metal battens underneath; wherein he installed a piece of timber under the sheet, to provide rock-solid anchor points to our tin roof mount.

Then Tony aligned the antenna to try and sneak as much received signal as possible past the obstruction next door. Under the circumstances, the result was a very healthy signal level of around 63dBuV. Tony fed down a short lead-in cable run to a newly installed two-way splitter, hooked up to the prewired house cabling. The signal check inside is slightly lower than normal, but still within specs and providing perfect reception for the customer’s two TVs. A good result in the end which left a happy customer.

Even though the given circumstance posed as a bit of a challenge, our technicians sure knew how to do the job right. Our guys know how to install antennas in the best way possible. If you need a new antenna for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Dial 13 11 49 today and let’s talk about a FREE on-site quotation! We have several local antenna guys in Australia ready to serve you!

Expert installation of Blue boom antenna on metal roof

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